What Is a Root Canal?

 If your dentist has told you that you need a root canal (also called endodontic treatment), your first instinct might be to panic. It sounds like a scary procedure, and there’s a common misconception that endodontic treatment is a type […] Continue Reading

What You Need to Know About Dental Implants: Cleaning and Maintenance

If you had a tooth extracted and wanted to replace the missing tooth, it’s possible that your dentist recommended a dental implant. Implants are an excellent choice for tooth replacement because they are considered permanent and they don’t require much […] Continue Reading

How a Dentist Can Restore Damaged Teeth

As a local dentist in San Diego, we have multiple ways to restore damaged teeth. If your tooth has become cracked, chipped, the enamel has worn away, or it is sensitive, we can address this problem using several methods. We […] Continue Reading

Visit Our Cosmetic Dentist Office for Solutions That Will Improve Your Smile

Visit Our Cosmetic Dentist Office for Solutions That Will Improve Your SmileAs a cosmetic dentist, we have various ways to improve both the appearance and function of your smile. Many of our patients visit us for a standard solution like […] Continue Reading

Reasons to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed Using Oral Surgery

There are many reasons to have your wisdom teeth removed using oral surgery and very few reasons to allow them to grow in. We can provide you with a comfortable, successful, and problem-free surgery to remove wisdom teeth for good […] Continue Reading

Why Visit a Family Dentist in San Diego

As a family dentist in San Diego, we treat patients of all ages, with the goal to help our patients maintain healthy teeth for a lifetime. When you visit our family dentist office, we will discuss your health history, what […] Continue Reading

How Bone Loss Impacts Dental Implants

When looking to replace your missing teeth, consider dental implants from our San Diego dental office. Since we surgically place dental implants, they are the most secure and durable way to replace missing teeth. All other solutions require hooks, clasps […] Continue Reading

In Our Dentist Office We Take the Time to Answer Your Questions

When you visit our dentist office in San Diego, you can expect to discuss various aspects of oral health, including how to brush and floss your teeth properly. We will also discuss the food that you can eat to improve […] Continue Reading

A Sedation Dentist Can Help You Overcome Anxiety

For many, a sedation dentist allows people to overcome their fears of visiting the dentist and get the dental help they need. We know that dental anxiety, which is what an unnatural fear of dentists and everything to do with […] Continue Reading

Flossing Basics You Need to Know From Our San Diego Dentist Office

In our San Diego dentist office, we practice preventative care to help our patients feel their best by having healthy teeth and gums. It is important to take care of one’s mouth with a good oral hygiene routine that involves […] Continue Reading